PBI Placenta Encapsulation Training Description

PBi hosts the only industry -wide online conference: PlacentaCon! Join the fun here.*

Placenta Benefits.info (PBi) will make the use of placenta for postpartum recovery a natural part of the birthing process. We will provide professional quality placenta encapsulation services, adhere to the highest safety standards, and through community outreach and education help every birthing woman have the best mothering experience possible.

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PBI Placenta Encapsulation Specialist Training Description

We offer six self-paced training modules through an online platform similar to what many universities and colleges are now using. You will have a year to complete your coursework and the freedom to work on your training on your own schedule. While each module is different, some may contain videos, demonstrations, multimedia, discussion, as well as reading. Each module has several tasks for you to complete. Each task will not only help you understand the concepts but will support you with many crucial building blocks to your new business.

PBI Placenta Encapsulation Course Guide

PBi has a unique pay-per-course training method that it explains in these videos.

You have to sign up to their platform to get more information about their course, which you can do here.*

Why Do Students Choose Placenta Encapsulation Training With PBi?

PBi is the original, largest and most recognized placenta encapsulation organization in the world. By joining PBi, you will associate yourself with other Placenta Encapsulation Specialists (PES) who hold a high standard of practice and ethics. You will be affiliated with the organization that has created the standards for placenta encapsulation services and training in the world!

Student's Reviews

“With PBi if you are inactive for a certain period of time, 2 weeks, they automatically kick you out. You must then re-pay to continue your course. However, you can pay per module. But any amount of money spent and lost can be a big blow to the stay at home mom’s working toward certification. It was me. I only did the first model and did not continue once kicked out.”

“I did find the material interesting, and useful.”

“I didn’t like the long-term support (lack thereof). I had many issues with communication.”

“I didn’t certify and left the org.”

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