Introduction To The Association of Placenta Preparation Arts (APPA)

The Association of Placenta Preparation Arts, LLC (APPA) is so much more than a basic weekend workshop on placenta encapsulation. Considered the “Bachelor’s Degree in Placenta Arts”, APPA is the most comprehensive placenta preparation training available. APPA is an ever evolving, dynamic, international placenta preparation training and certification (APPAC) program. Built on the collective wisdom and accomplishment of industry pioneers, APPA elevates the standards for safety and ethics in placenta encapsulation education by combining time-honored traditions with scientific fact.

Where Should The Placenta Be Encapsulated Resource

APPA's Placenta Training Description

We offer six self-paced training modules through an online platform similar to what many universities and colleges are now using. You will have a year to complete your coursework and the freedom to work on your training on your own schedule. While each module is different, some may contain videos, demonstrations, multimedia, discussion, as well as reading. Each module has several tasks for you to complete. Each task will not only help you understand the concepts but will support you with many crucial building blocks to your new business.

APPA's Code of Ethical Conduct

Important information on how this institution requires you to behave can be found in their Code of Ethical Conduct. It includes common industry standards but also has several terms and conditions students mentioned being opposed to, such as their policy encouraging APPA Providers to offer a sliding scale, and provide services to those who do not pay.  

Post-Certification Continued Affiliation With APPA Includes

  • Quarterly newsletter -The Dehydrator’s Digest
  • Online social community for APPACs
  • APPAC discounts to the Afterbirth Confab and other continuing ed opportunities
  • Personalized “APPA Certified” icon and logo use for your marketing materials
  • Continued support from APPA’s Board of Advisors
  • APPA module content
  • “APPA Certified” listing in the APPA directory

Why Do Students Choose APPA?

Respect/Sanitation/Ideal Workspace/Experience/Standards

Anyone can read an online tutorial about how to make a placenta smoothie or dry out placenta strips in an oven. As this service grows how we meet the demand matters! Here at APPA, we care about maintaining standards that promote the best protocols and sanitation practices for placenta encapsulation training so that our placenta encapsulation specialists can serve clients in the safest way possible.

Student's Reviews

I have attended APPA. the content was good, however due to the lack of time to complete and the extension fees, I was not able to complete the course. I only had 2 modules left. There was also a high turnover of “mentors”, and there were times I had no idea who to submit assignments too.”

“I trust that they are following all safety measures issued.  They stay keep us up to date on all the latest research!”

“They have multiple scientific people on the board to keep things perfect”

“APPA is absolutely amazing. Very professional and always making sure the students are following the best safety precautions to better our clients.”

“This training has been one of the most intense, thorough and safety focused trainings I’ve seen. The communication with mentors is on point. Questions are answered quickly. The research required is amazingingly deep.”

“Very in depth and informative. Good support system. High caliber of training.”


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