Brilliant Birth Academy's Mission Is To Bring Every Baby Into A World That Feels Like Love

For those of us who want to make the world a little bit more like heaven on earth, one of the most meaningful investments we can make are those into families around the crucial time of birth. We believe peace on earth starts with birth, and that supporting that first bond between mother and child is a fountainhead of acceptance and peace that can flow to restore every other area of disconnection in our world. If you have a deeply felt calling to support newborn mothers with the placenta’s unique properties, we’d love to certify your calling and transform your passion for birth into a meaningful career as a placenta encapsulator.

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Brilliant Birth Academy Placenta Encapsulation Three Part Training Format

The medical material in our Academy has been sourced by over 1000 medical journal articles, 250 popular books on birth, dozens of modern obstetric textbooks, and every single midwifery textbook published in English since the 1950s. Our core competencies align with proven strategies that are increasing wellbeing in birth worldwide. But don’t worry! Our course will actually take you less time than most others because they’ve been ruthlessly condensed.
Our foundational principles are arraigned into a strategic framework so you can easily internalize core principles into a developed intuition. Our short, digestible lessons are usually about 15 minutes long and make sure “you’ve learned it” and not just “you’ve heard it”. When you leave our course you’ll feel like a professional, because you’ll actually be one.


These courses are personal and practical. We believe your family is just as important as the ones you’re serving, and that’s why we’ve included lifestyle design strategies.

Our innovative courses will accelerate you into your own dynamic well-being first so you can show up for your clients as the best version of yourself. Our neuroscience-based training will equip you to exude a calm and joyous presence in the sacred birth space.

Birth is high-stakes. Being excellence in the face of challenges requires mastery of a lot of skills. We demystify how to build a foundation in your everyday life that can sustain the cost of really going for your dreams. For many students becoming a birthworker is a first, powerful step toward a life of higher contribution and success.


This module is project-based; it’s an action-based learning experience with curated assignments that systematically build the business assets you need to go live. You’ll build amazing relationships as we dream, brainstorm, flesh-out, simplify, and execute on your business.

Imagine for a moment that you’ve finished an alternative training. You open up your browser and what do you type in the search box? What do you have to think of, to know, to create, to finish, in order to take that first payment and serve that first client? Our Academy doesn’t sell certifications; we unleash Brilliant Birthworkers who have epic, complete businesses they’re proud of. With Brilliant Birth Academy you’ll be in business for yourself, but never by yourself.

What Deliverables Come With The Brilliant Birth ACademy Placenta Training?

  • Lifetime access to the Brilliant Birth Academy Placenta Encapsulation Certification online course.

  • Lifetime certification: no yearly fees here. Our continuing ed programs are voluntary, awesome, and free.

  • Epic Bonuses including Premium Done-For-You Marketing Materials, photographic assets you’re free to use to launch your business, legal/contract swipe files, social media assets and more.

  • Membership in the Brilliant Birthworker Online Communitywhere you’ll connect with others making the same strides.

  • Rapid response times and detailed attention on all your comments and questions so you never feel stuck waiting. 

  •  A Brilliant Events Pass to all of Brilliant Birth Academy’s online events and summits.

  • A 40% off Brilliant Insider Coupon Code to use on ALL future course purchases with us. 

  • An Ongoing Relationship with your training institution where we seek to add value and opportunities to you long term.

Why Do Students Choose The Brilliant Birth Academy Placenta Encapsulation Training?

Relationship. We love and invest into our students. Besides that– two things: the customer service standards we hope to see become common in our field: professional-grade responsiveness, course previews, and no-hassle refunds. Students also love our full ride scholarships and grants given every launch cycle. Since it’s founding, Brilliant Birth Academy has given 90% of their training courses away as an expression of our passion to serve the people we think are doing some of the most important work on the planet. A few of the additional courses students have access to are highlighted below:

Imagine what your life would look like one year from now if you finished everything you started? Finisher’s Formula introduces strategies that will enable you to naturally and joyfully produce more work that matters. This quick and powerful series will upgrade your mindset, reveal the most important thing you can do to ensure you finish your certification course, and teach you how to make space in your life so that your dreams get turned into plans—that get finished.

The Brilliant Branding Series is a 20+ full-length, actionable course that will help you uncover your brand through the Discover, Define, Design, & Deliver process that demonstrates how to create (or update) your business assets. Branding creates a powerful filter that will bring alignment and momentum to your business; it’s also the easiest way to tell the greatest amount of people just how amazing your work is. When you clearly communicate your passions, the problems you solve, and the world you want to help create, you’ll attract dream client partnerships and achieve the price your service is worth. 

This is a self-care course for healers. For those who do not self-exclude from their love. For the peace-makers who are changing the earth. This is a course for those who prefer to run on full instead of empty, for those who insist on feeling good while doing good. This is a course for those who are doing work too important to give from their heels; for the guardians who serve on the welcoming committee. This is a self-care course for birth workers.

A year-end strategy workshop for Birthworkers to align their lives with their deepest values, highest ideals, and ultimate potential. Join us for seven action-focused modules of brilliant strategies on how to cultivate a breakthrough mindset plus everything you need to know for habit development so you can change habit after habit in your life—because you are what you do repeatedly. You’ll identify the keystone habit that will make the biggest difference in 2018, and design your ‘Masterpiece Day’ to ground your dreams into the bedrock of your current reality. Get ready to have your best year ever.

Discover the surprising way birthworkers can increase their income without getting more clients or raising their prices. In this course we ask: what is the “real value” of birth-work services, and how that is objectively established in the marketplace? Learn about the benefits of running a business on gross margin and not on revenue– discover how you can work less and make more by understanding price elasticity. We also talk about pricing levels, price anchoring, and how to frame your service in terms of an investment in time and not in terms of a discount. These simple price presentation strategies will increase the profitability for your clients and also enable you to put together packages that honor different payment abilities.

Student's Reviews

“My training institution was phenomenal. The support offered was incredible & ongoing. The course content was of the highest caliber & my experience with Brilliant Birth Academy exceeded my expectations.”

“I was given all of the tools I needed to be the best I can and ensure that my business is the best it can be.”

“I love how hands on it is. The support is absolutely amazing. I will never forget my initial call and the conversation that we had. I felt like we were forever sisters. Amazing course.”

“I have been extremely happy with BBA. The directors are both so supportive and encouraging. I have had all my questions answered in a timely manner. They are always quick to respond to emails. BBA is the 2nd organization I have trained through and I would highly recommend Brilliant Birth Academy to anyone looking to train as a PES.” 

“I had excellent support throughout my training. If I had a question, I just asked and the response time was usually less than an hour! The material was well laid out and easy to follow.”

“Training was extremely thorough. Very easy to follow. I feel very prepared to begin my Placenta Encapsulation career. The materials were easy to understand. There was always someone to answer questions that came up.”

I was a part of BBA’s first certifying class. There were some glitches that needed to be sorted out and along with a definite lack of experience, but the course was good overall. The short video lesson format is very helpful, and the lessons can be accessed on multiple devices. The instructors have been very accessible. I was disappointed that marketing and business tips were touted as one of benefits of the course, yet there were no brochures, website content, or marketing materials provided. There were contracts and logos, however.

“I loved and valued the educational experience I received as well as the support from my trainers!”

“The materials were easy to understand. There was always someone to answer questions that came up.”

“Training was extremely thorough. Very easy to follow. I feel very prepared to begin my Placenta Encapsulation career”