Placenta Training Company Four

This company’s founder requested removal of their information. Even though recent Supreme Court Rulings have determined that legal action against defamatory reviews is a limitation of free speech, we have removed all company branding but will continue to provide a place for their students to share their experiences.

Student's Reviews

“The biggest issue I had was once I submitted my tests abs paperwork it took a long time to be certified. I had to email the owner daily to grade my paperwork. I felt like I was stalking her at one point. I needed help with info in placenta slave and after repeatedly asking her for help I finally have up.”

“I found the sanitation procedures very helpful and thorough. Otherwise, the training and my communication with them was unorganized, unprofessional, and not worth the $.”

“I loved the information provided during my training. It was thorough, practical and well presented. I felt prepared and confident to start offering placenta services. Any time I had questions during my training I was assisted quickly. The support group is great and active.

It was horrific. I thought it would be great to do it online and have access to my trainer and the Facebook groups. I feel like I know enough to encapsulate placentas but that’s only because I retook the training with 2 other companies as well. Owner/trainer was not responsive at all and after sending in 6 client reviews to get certification (when only 3 were required), I never received my certification…ever. And this was 3 years ago that I did it.

The curriculum is poorly written with punctuation and grammatical errors.  The content is not thorough; the answers to the some of the review questions/quiz are not in the curriculum.   There is poor communication with the owner of IPPA; my emails and questions were either never answered, or answered only after repeatedly asking the same thing over and over.

I would rate it zero stars if possible. I enscribed in september 2017. Filed all my paperwork in order to receive my certificate in February 2018. Still not received my certificate. Messaged Amanda endlessly, also one of her collegues. She said she mailed my certificate but that is a plain lie!! The training isn’t that good and now that I found out they don’t give the certificate you worked hard for and earned honestly: it’s all a scam.

“I did the online distance training. The course did give very basic information about how to encapsulate safely, but in-depth promised information never came. The instructor basically cuts off communication after she receives payment. In the private facebook group many people have totally different instructions; the curriculum is totally different for in person vs distance classes. There is no continuity and no help after finishing the class. I also signed up to do the placenta/breastmilk jewelry course over two scheduled skype sessions. I log on the second day to find no one there; the instructor had decided she “didn’t feel” like skyping and promised to reschedule. Then she ignored all requests for follow-up. She refuses to refund ore even follow through with sending my paid-for class materials, and she’s been ignoring me for over a year. I’ve found a large group of others in the same boat. This program is a scam and has been reported to the BBB.”

“I feel I received enough training to encapsulate safety, but a lot of in depth knowledge was missing. It is also very hard to get questions answered from the trainer.”

“I was unhappy with the training format (outdated PDF files), as well as lack of response, and support from my trainer. It took a very long time to be added to group for training. Were told we’d need to watch a Skype encapsulation and then told the video posted in the group was what we needed instead. The end of module reviews contained questions that were not answered in the actual modules themselves or were in the wrong module altogether. An additional item to certify was mandated after training had started. Training materials were promised to be updated, but then never were after months of waiting.”

“I was the only one training at the time, so we did the first day via Skype personally. The 2nd day, her kid was sick so it got postponed indefinitely. It was months later before she returned any messages about doing the 2nd day of training. I had to basically threaten her with BBB and bad mouthing her training to get her to respond. I finally was able to SKYPE in to a big class being held. Much of the material the 2nd day contradicted the material presented the 1st day.”

“Student portal and newsletters were promised, but only the newsletter happened. Upon the CDC GBS fiasco we were promised that the trainer would write up an article in regard to the stance of the training org’s position, but then after several months decided it was not going to happen. Many people lost business because clients wanted to hear from each Placenta Encapsulation Specialist’s own training organization. The trainer was not professional and either ignored people until they got fed up and ended up getting banned from the group for calling the trainer out on it. Many people (including myself, but I never asked because I knew it wouldn’t go anywhere) wanted a refund for the lack of materials we had gotten in addition to lack of support, only to be let down and refused money back.  I noticed upon further research as well as communication from friends I have in another country that the trainer has scammed many people there as well as the US. It seems many people are also turning in their training packets and whomever is certified is cherry picked and not done so by the diligence or quality of their work. I would never recommend this training organization to anyone it is a waste of time, energy, and money.”

“IPPA is so unorganized and poorly run. I went through one of the in-person training workshops. We didn’t receive any of the information on the event until the week before the event. We didn’t even know where the workshop was being held until the week before just the city it was being held in. The night before the workshop the place and time were changed. I didn’t receive any update on change of time or venue. Another student that I had been talking with text me the morning of the workshop letting me know it had been changed. I feel the organization is poorly managed. It is never easy to get a response from anyone regarding questions or information. I feel the director has neglected to update training course to reflect new protocols regarding safety and contraindications. The director has failed to follow through on training update that we had been told would be released on set dates. The director then ignores or deletes any questions that are being asked in IPPA FB group in order to avoid having to answer questions. The course itself is out of date pdf files that require students to have printed out in order to complete course and reviews. I was so completely disappointed in my experience with IPPA. I decided that I did not want my own business associated with the organization. I decided not to certify through IPPA after completing the course. I have completed a 2nd course and training through a different organization which I am now certified.”

“I did a self paced online course. I felt it was well rounded in terms of information. I learned exactly what I needed to in order to safely and accurately prepare a placenta. There were parts of the curriculum that were slightly confusing, contradictory, and some typos in the material. Support throughout was lacking.”

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